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I hired Mrs. Reekie to help me get the visitation rights that belonged to me. She was very responsive and helpful. She explained the law to me and told me as a father I had rights to my children and that my ex-wife should not prevent me from seeing them. Mrs. Reekie showed compassion and always kept me informed about the status of my case. I really appreciate the promptness of returning my calls. I am happy to say that I now get to see my children on a regular basis thanks to Mrs. Reekie.

Very Responsive and Helpful


Jennifer went out of her way to accommodate me, even meeting me at night. She did a fantastic job trying to keep the peace during a painful divorce. She returned phone calls promptly & didn't seem to mind my endless questions & reassuring me all would be ok. I would highly recommend Jennifer to ANYONE needing an attorney. You can most definitely trust her!

Highly Recommend


Jennifer is amazing. She fought the whole way through until the end. I am so pleased that I chose her for my divorce. I would recommend her to everyone. My case was not easy and she went above and beyond. Thank you!

She Fought the Whole Way

Ernest J.

Although divorce is not something we dream of after getting married, it's sometimes for the best. This time can be emotional, but Jennifer helped my ex and I keep as level headed as possible throughout the divorce process. If either of us had questions, she would answer promptly and give great advice. As kids were involved, she helped us configure a fair plan that would be in the best interest for the children. I wouldn't say divorce is easy, as everyone's situation is different, but Jennifer made this process easier and excel quicker than I anticipated. I would highly recommend her to anyone out there who is in need of a divorce attorney.

She Would Answer Promptly and Give Great Advice

Anna T.

Jennifer helped my x-wife and I navigate the divorce process successfully and quickly. She is very professional, responsive, and caring. I would recommend Jennifer to any friend or family member who needs help getting past this difficult and unfortunate life event.

Very Professional, Responsive, and Caring

Scott B.

Jennifer was our attorney at my divorce. From the first moment she was very professional, kind and helpful. She showed me the best and easiest way to pass the whole process, even if this case is nobody's dream. She made our life easy in this hard time. Everything was done on time, we never waited for anything or lost time in this case, she did everything perfectly. Me and my wife were very grateful for her work and help. Also, her rate was extremely friendly, it's also was a big surprise for me.
She was a huge help for us!
Highly remommended!!!

She Was a Huge Help for Us!

Robert K.

Jennifer Reekie is a fierce and smart attorney! She knows all the dirty tricks that opposing counsel tries to use and how to counter them. She diligently worked hard for my case and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. She was very responsive with communications and she was an absolute pleasure to work with during a very trying time.

An Absolute Pleasure

Victoria C.

Exceptional attorney flexible in all aspects and easy to work with. Jennifer has represented my family on divorce and child custody cases with a superb job in and out of the court room. Jennifer really cares about the client and adjust to clients needs. I personally wouldn't consider any other attorney for my family.

Jennifer is Amazing


Jennifer made our divorce smooth and easy. She help my wife and I through a hard situation and made it easier, a divorce is not an easy thing with children, but she help the both of us though it.

She Help the Both of Us Though It

Jesse C.

Great lawyer! Very informative! Really helped me in the hardest part of my life - Divorce. Never a fun thing. But Jennifer helped to make it as transitional as possible.

Great Lawyer!

Christi G.

This lady was terrific. She works hard. I had a very tough case where my ex would not let me see my child. She got me visits immediately. Then we went to mediation I won and got everything I asked for. You will not find a better lawyer. Trust me!!!!

You Will Not Regret Her

Georges C.

I interviewed several attorneys before deciding on Jennifer. She was by far the most knowledgeable and thorough of the attorneys I spoke to. I had prepared a document summarizing my case to give to her when we first met. The other attorneys barely glanced over it. Jennifer read it entirely and took the time to really understand my situation. What impressed me most was her honest assessment of my case. I never felt like she was trying to sell me on hiring her. Just honest feedback. I did hire her and am very glad I did. I hope to never need her again :) But if I do I would not hesitate to hire her.

I Would Not Hesitate to Hire Her


I would definitely recommend Jennifer Reekie to anyone needing a family law attorney. Being a father in a county that is "pro-mom" - Jennifer was able to get me primary custody of my son. I am so grateful she represented me in my case. I feel she went out of her way to inform me every step of the way. She is extremely compassionate and I believe my son and I were always in her best interest!!! Thank you, Jennifer, for all your hard work, and thank you for helping me do something I didn't think was possible!!!

She Is Extremely Compassionate


My son was going through a horrific custody battle with his ex-girlfriend. She wouldn't let him see his daughters, which, of course, meant that I couldn't either. I live in another state and felt helpless. Jennifer was referred to my son by a colleague at work. He and I contacted her, and after two years of not being able to see his daughters, he was able to get visitation. Thank God! Jennifer was sympathetic and always made herself available for questions. We can't thank her enough for all of her help and guidance! My son was able to see his daughters, and we were able to spend the holidays with them!

We Can't Thank Her Enough for All of Her Help and Guidance


Jennifer was very caring and reassuring throughout the process of resolving our legal issue. She took a personal interest in our dilemma and was supportive. She was very encouraging in that a resolution could be reached without a court proceeding. Our family trusted Jennifer and appreciated her experience, knowledge and ability.

Incredible Lawyer