Don't try to navigate the legal system alone

Attorney Reekie can give you personalized guidance every step of the way. She focuses on...

Business law: From helping you start a business to resolving disputes, attorney Reekie can assist you with practically any matter.

Family law: Divorcing your spouse? Need to come up with a child custody arrangement? Turn to attorney Reekie for help.

Trademark law: Attorney Reekie can answer any question you have about protecting your intellectual property.

Every Business Owner Should Keep an Attorney on Retainer

Take advantage of our business law services in The Woodlands, TX or a surrounding area

Many entrepreneurs aren't aware of how many legal details are involved in running a business in and around The Woodlands, TX. That's why it's a smart idea to retain an attorney. Jennifer K. Reekie of Reekie Law Firm can provide you with a wide range of business law services to help you comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Attorney Reekie has over a decade of experience representing business owners. Reach out today to arrange a meeting with her.

When tensions run high, we'll help you keep your cool

Your divorce needn't be finalized in family court. Mediation allows couples to reach an agreement without involving a judge.

Although many couples have more success reaching an agreement through mediation rather than family court, tensions can still run high. If that happens, attorney Reekie can keep things civil.

I hired Mrs. Reekie to help me get the visitation rights that belonged to me. She was very responsive and helpful. She explained the law to me and told me as a father I had rights to my children and that my ex-wife should not prevent me from seeing them. Mrs. Reekie showed compassion and always kept me informed about the status of my case. I really appreciate the promptness of returning my calls. I am happy to say that I now get to see my children on a regular basis thanks to Mrs. Reekie.

Very Responsive and Helpful


Jennifer went out of her way to accommodate me, even meeting me at night. She did a fantastic job trying to keep the peace during a painful divorce. She returned phone calls promptly & didn't seem to mind my endless questions & reassuring me all would be ok. I would highly recommend Jennifer to ANYONE needing an attorney. You can most definitely trust her!

Highly Recommend


Jennifer is amazing. She fought the whole way through until the end. I am so pleased that I chose her for my divorce. I would recommend her to everyone. My case was not easy and she went above and beyond. Thank you!

She Fought the Whole Way

Ernest J.